Sunday Catch-Up: April 10, 2015

Let’s play a game called Sunday Catch-Up. It’s been a while since my last post, mainly because I’ve done little reading or writing in the last few months—at least reading or writing that’s relevant to this blog.

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Now, contrary to popular belief that the condition brings in an inordinate amount of energy, what it’s done is really just zap me of any willpower to do anything other than eat or sleep. I had initially intended to write an entire post about dealing with this condition, but, well, I seem to be a magnet for waylaid plans.

So, instead, let’s make do with playing catch-up.

Up for Review – “The Stranger” by Albert Camus. At 29, I realize that I should have read this masterpiece sooner—god knows it’s been in my to-read list for far too long. But better late than never, right?

For poetry, we’re looking at the works of Maya Angelou, Dylan Thomas, and of course, Sylvia Plath.

 Currently Reading – “Existentialism is a Humanism” by Jean-Paul Sartre. Now, this was a happy accident. I had originally been on the lookout for a book on Metaphysics, but Existentialism should work just as well.

 Listening to – Hozier, On loop. While “Take Me to Church,” may have been Hozier’s breakout single, I think I’m in love with “Cherry Wine.” It has the same impact as Nick Drake’s “Time Has Told Me,” another song I can’t seem to get enough of. And let’s be real—there’s no escaping “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. I think the last one balances things out quite well.

Watching – the Crime and Investigation Channel. Freaks my boyfriend out. I told him it was for the story I’m writing, but ever since Gone Girl came out, it seems like he’s more cautious about things. As well, he should be. Bad joke, I know.

Last Movie Watched – The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Great movie, though I wasn’t expecting the ending. I should read more graphic novels, I know.

Last CD Purchased – “Jake Bugg” by Jake Bugg. Bought this out of curiosity after a friend told me that 21-year-old Bugg was the closest thing to Bob Dylan in today’s music. While I don’t know if Bugg is the next Bob Dylan—huge shoes to fill, my friend—I did really enjoy the album. Massive talent. If you haven’t done so, I’d recommend at least a couple of listens.

Last Books Purchased – “Orlando: A Biography” by Virginia Woolf, and “Rilke: New Poems” as translated by Joseph Cadora.

What about you? How goes life? Also, Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

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