Versatile Blogger Award: Thank Yous and Nominees


I make no secret of it. I started this blog as an exercise in writing and constancy. The way I see it, if I can commit to regularly updating a blog, I can commit to finishing a novel or penning a plethora of poems. (Though, obviously, I still need a lot of work on the ‘constancy’ department.)

When I started this blog, I also didn’t think I’d have any readers. This is why it was an awesome surprise when I found out Hannah didn’t just read my blog, she also thought I was worthy of a Versatile Blogger Award. Now, I really enjoy reading Hannah’s posts. I guess that’s why this award feels doubly special. So, a massive thank you to Hannah for the nomination and for taking the time to visit my blog!

That said, one of the conditions of accepting this award is that the recipient must recommend/nominate 15 other blogs.  Without further ado, my top 15:


15 Recommended Blogs:

Hannah Ackroyd: I’m hardly online, but when I am, I make sure to check Hannah’s blog. Her book reviews and posts on crocheting/knitting/cross-stitching aren’t just entertaining, they’re also inspirational.

The Math Teacher Also Reads: Aside from having a kick-a** name, this blog also boasts of thought-provoking posts on the most random of things. The math teacher writes really good poetry too!

Constant Travellers: David’s a really talented writer, and it shows in his posts. He has this really visual writing style, which I find both interesting and engaging.

Religion4All: This is where I get my daily dose of spirituality and positivity.

Miss Book Reviews: Another great source of book reviews.  

The Idiot Speaketh: Laugh-out-loud funny. Pretty sure the Idiot is a comic genius in disguise.

By Heavens Light: Offering heartfelt poetry at its finest. It takes tremendous talent to find God in everything.

Following Pulitzer: Here’s another remarkable blog: home to very well-written book and poetry reviews. All Pulitzer winners, all the time.

Blogging for a Good Book: One of my go-to’s for my “must-read” lists. Offers excellent reviews.

Books and Bowel Movement: Cassie attains a new level of awesomeness everyday. Particularly love her Project 365.

Austen Only: Austen has always been one of my favorite novelists. This site contains everything I want to know about Austen, and more.

My Body the City: The Secret Life of a CallGirl: An absolutely eye-opening and inspirational blog from trafficking survivor, Stella Marr.

The Contextual Life: More awesome book reviews…

Boston Book Bums: And more still… 🙂

Sylvia Plath Info: Stumbled upon this gem just today. From what I’ve read so far, there’s much to recommend.


7 Random Things About Me:

1. At 26, I’m at the height of Quarter Life-ing (QLC!).

2. In college, I was a part of an all-girl grunge band. I was the vocalist. LOL

3. If I weren’t here now, I’d be in the early 1970s chasing Led Zeppelin. Still in love with Jimmy Page.

4. I have always wanted to be a writer AND a librarian.

5. My favorite poets include: Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, e.e. cummings, and Jeffrey McDaniel

6. My favorite writers include: Chuck Palahniuk, Jane Austen, Nick Hornby, Sylvia Plath, Graham Greene, and Philip Yancey

7. I’m a quarter-of-an-inch shy of 5 feet tall. :/

16 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award: Thank Yous and Nominees

  1. I have always wanted to be a writer and a libraian too! And all girl grunge band, you are the coolest person I know. Are there any videos on youtube? I want to be all up in your business, haha.

    1. We had all the videos removed, and for good reason! Suffice to say, we enjoyed ourselves more than the audience did. 🙂 But that’s the point of it all, right?

    1. You’re very welcome sir! LOL Really? Haha! That’s good to hear. 😀 Being vertically-challenged can be a huge pain in the neck, always looking up to people–literally.

  2. I too started my blog purely to hold myself accountable and to make sure that I had a reason to write. Like you, I was amazed that total strangers would be interested in reading my blog – and to this day, I find that strangers are more likely to read it than friends… Funny that, right?
    Congratulations on your award, it means you are touching many more people and many more chords than you expected. Keep up the good work!

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